Veterinarian Care

HCM Scanning

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM is an unfortunate congenital defect that can be common in the Sphynx breed. If a cat has HCM, the muscle of the left ventricle of the heart is abnormally thick or enlarged. We scan our cats annually for HCM and selectively breed to reduce HCM and other genetic defects and offer a three year guarantee against such occurrences. You will receive a copy of both parent’s negative echocardiogram HCM results when you receive your kitten.


• You must take your kitten to the veterinarian within 48 hours after receiving your kitten.
• It is important to find a vet that is familiar with the Sphynx breed.
Vaccinations we recommend:
First starting between 6-8 weeks, then every 4 weeks until 16 weeks (4 total)
• FeLV
Once during the first year of life
• Rabies
Once during first year of life, then once annually for life
• No FIP!

Breeder does not advise any of their Kittens/Cats be vaccinated for FIP, Ringworm, or Giardia. FIP vaccines are often fatal if your cat has ever been exposed to the coronavirus, which 90% of cats in a multiple cat household have been. They will break out with the severe form of FIP if given the vaccine. There is no known treatment for FIP and it is fatal. 



Sphynx need to be bathed once a month in a hypoallergenic bath shampoo. We bathe our cats and kittens in the kitchen sink with a Sphynx shampoo. You should not bath a kitten/cat more than once a month because they need their natural oils; if you over bath your cat, they will have excess oils, which will disturb their natural pH. I recommend putting a sweater on your cat to absorb the excess oil. For new Sphynx owners, Sphynx cats will be “oily” as kittens, but once they meet maturity, their pH will balance out and your cat will not have excess oil or smell.

Nail Care

Sphynx need their nails cut weekly. We recommend using kitten or cat nail clippers. You will need to clean between their nail beds and in between their toes weekly. NEVER declaw your cats! This would be like cutting off your fingers. Declawing your cat will cause unbearable pain to your cat and life long issues with litter training. 

Ear Care

Do not use Q-tip or other brand cotton swabs on the ears of your cat or kitten as this can damage their ear canal and cause deafness, sores, or bleeding. You must loosen the oil in your cat’s ear and then wipe the oil with a cloth. We recommend and personally use an otic ear treatment and ear wipes, which are inexpensive.