Shipping and Guarantee

We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure our pets’ health, safety, and well-being. That’s why the happiest days for us are when one of our animals is adopted by a loving and welcoming family. Our Kittens come with a 1-year congenital warranty, up-to-date vaccines, etc., and a care package.

Shipping will be arranged once the kitten is paid in full and the contract has been signed.

Shipping is $100-250 via Delivery or Pet Nanny to anywhere in the USA, Canada and Hawaii/Puerto Rico. Sphynx kitties must be shipped with a pet nanny in cabin, cost varies. In summer months, all kittens must be driven or flown in cabin. No cargo shipping allowed it’s too hot. You will be given the option at checkout if you need shipping or local pickup. Shipping via pet nanny, the kitten will be between 8 to 12 weeks old.

First of all, the term “health guarantee” isn’t quite proper. Nobody can guarantee that anything living won’t get sick, whether cats, dogs, or even humans. So think of it as a health warranty. You’re spending time locating a beautiful Sphynx cat, and you’ll invest time, care, money, and love in your new companion. You deserve a reasonable degree of protection! At Bridget sphynx Kitten Home, our health guarantee consists of two parts namely:

Part 1: Protects you from receiving a sick kitten. You must have your kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 96 hours of leaving our care. If your veterinarian determines that the kitten is ill and/or unfit for sale, you may return the kitten and we’ll refund the full sale price.

A few important details: First, we require an original written statement from your veterinarian. Second, we won’t reimburse for veterinary fees. Third, kitten shipping fees are not refundable, but if you paid to have your kitten shipped then we’ll pay to have it shipped back.

Finally, we adhere strictly to the 96-hour time limit. We understand that vet office are closed on weekends and holidays, but viruses don’t respect office hours! If we extend the limit, we could end up responsible for diseases a kitten encountered after leaving our care.

Part 2: Protects you over the long term from genetic defects and congenital diseases. If your kitten or cat is diagnosed with a serious genetic defect or congenital disease before 2 years of age, we will provide you with a replacement kitten. Depending on the specific condition, we will work with you to decide who can best care for the sick cat.

Examples of conditions that would entitle you to a replacement kitten include life-threatening heart conditions and degenerative nerve disorders. In other words, conditions that affect longevity or quality of life.

Examples of conditions that wouldn’t qualify for replacement are innocent heart murmurs or allergies. In other words, conditions that an otherwise healthy cat can live with and be happy.

In general, we would accept a veterinarian’s opinion of what constitutes a serious defect, but we may require a second opinion (which would be obtained at our expense.)

Don’t have time to come here and pick up your kitten or even meet us at the airport? Then take advantage of our VIP nanny delivery service! Our nanny will hand-deliver your new baby to the international airport of your choice, you simply arrive with a photo ID to pick your kitten, it’s that simple!

Your new furry family member will have their every need attended to during their flight, even play and cuddle time. You will even receive pictures to ease your mind on the day of your kitten’s flight!;)

We have been bringing furry family members to families for over 5 years, yet in the past have only offered ground travel and basic shipping. Due to the pandemic, all airlines have discontinued pet cargo shipping. This new, all-exclusive VIP (Very Important Pet) service is a program we are pleased to offer as a luxury service for those who prefer kitty to travel with a personal assistant and aren’t able to make the flight themselves.